As of today, Kamala Harris has become the Vice President of the United States and watching her being sworn in was a moving, tearful and joyous moment for me. 

Four years ago we had a very different inauguration to say the least. We had a man who was elected president despite his sexual assault allegations, and a very publicized audio of him speaking in a very disrespectful way about women. We had a vice president who is known for ultra conservative views that go against my rights as a woman. All this at the same time as the first woman candidate to the presidency had lost (not by popular vote). And to be honest, it felt like women as a collective lost and no one cared. It felt impossible to even imagine a reality where a woman of color could be sworn in this office and with that came the crashing feeling of we are not protected, we are not heard, we are not seen. 

Having the first Black and Asian American Vice President being sworn in by the first Latina Supreme Court Justice feels like acknowledgment. This feels like we all felt what I felt, and it feels like we are being celebrated. 

Today is an emotional day for me, and I’m sure for many of you too. Let’s celebrate today, keeping in mind that nothing is for granted, that we owe this to all the amazing and powerful Black Women who went to work and made this happen. Nobody is perfect and hearts are slow to change, but knowing that nothing is impossible will keep us going. 

With much love,

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