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The One Piece Swimsuit

We all love a great one piece swimsuit. It is truly a staple in your holiday or summer wardrobe. It is easy to style, comfortable to wear and just all around versatile. We are lucky to have it, but it wasn't always as welcomed as it is now. Keep on reading for a little history on the beloved style. 


First, there were dresses...

The first one piece swimsuits were essentially dresses made out of wool (to keep warm), and weighed down on the hems to keep the dresses from floating up in the water. Thankfully we moved on from this... 


Then there was Annette Kellerman. 

Annette was an Australian professional swimmer, vaudeville star, film actress and writer who basically got frustrated with all the heavy clothing and decided to wear a better suited option for swimming. She was arrested for it in 1907, and she inspired many women and what we know now as the one piece. 


One piece, but with rules... 

By now, it's ok to wear the one piece but it had to be a certain length, otherwise women would get fined or even arrested... 


Here comes "Lastex"... 

In the 1930's a company called Mabs of Hollywood introduces an elastic new fabric to the game, and with it many new colors and shapes come to life. 

Woman wearing cut-out swimming suit at the Aquatic gala at Molitor swimming pool, on June 23, 1931 in Paris.




And after all that, our beloved one piece evolved into the swimsuit style that we all know and love today. 

The water ballerinas, Aug. 6, 1951.Credit...Sam Falk/The New York Times


A group of young women on Jacob Riis Beach on Aug. 24, 1969. Credit...Michael Evans/The New York Times

A group of young women on Jacob Riis Beach on Aug. 24, 1969. Credit...Michael Evans/The New York Times


Anne Verdeman, left, and Jean Auerbach at the Brighton Beach Bath Racquet Club on July 19, 1984.


Jordan, Tina & Rachel wearing Salomé Swim at Rockaway Beach on Summer 2019 by Sheyla De los Santos. 



Thank you for reading!  

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