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Hola comunidad!

I have personally decided to stay off social media as much as possible as I realized that it wasn't beneficial to my mental health.

I am happy to share that it has been AMAZING!
I very much enjoy to stay off my phone on the weekends, and I find that doing so makes me stay much more present and happier. This may seen like a radical move for the person behind an online brand, but I have realized that if I am better, Salomé is better and my intentions become more clear and pure.

I do not wish to allow social media to create unnecessary stress, or to poison my motivations or goals for this small project. It has been wonderful to sit down, without noise, and remember why Salomé exists, and it is not for the likes. Salomé exists to create sustainable and timeless swimwear in an ethical way, while empowering women and celebrating my culture. THAT is my purpose.

I love the community that has gathered around Salomé, and it is important to me to keep you all updated and to maintain a social presence for the brand, and for this reason I will stay on, but at a slower pace. The algorithm is not my friend, so please turn on notifications to make sure you see all things Salomé.

Thank you for your support and Happy Holidays!

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