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Let's Talk Sustainability...

Salomé, as you know, is a sustainable brand and it is because I believe that sustainability is the only way to move forward in fashion and in life in general, and because of this I am committed to supporting other sustainable brands. From my poll on instagram, I realized (and I'm really happy about this) that I am not alone in this feeling, therefore I want to share this small list of fun and cool sustainable brands with you, but before we get to the brands, I wanna talk a bit about what it means to be sustainable.

There is more than one way to be sustainable in fashion and there are so many more sustainable options these days, but it’s important to know that sustainable is not only second hand, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Sustainable brands are brands that use recycled fabrics, that are fair and ethical in their production of goods, brands that create custom and by order pieces, brands that focus on green and clean production and also brands that create high quality products to be worn for many years. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, sustainability should also be a part of how brands ship their items, the paper they use in the office, their recycling practices overall their operations including, but not limited to, production and post production. And ultimately brands that create a circular model, in which nothing goes to landfill, and pieces that have been worn for many years can be sent back and recycled and remade into a new swimsuit, or dress, or top. I sound like Bernie, I know, but we can actually do this. #Feel the burn 

But I digress, on my search for new and fun sustainable brands I came across some options that I believe you will enjoy and find interesting as much as I did. Feel free to love, and think about this on your own, and tell your friends, and if you wish to comment and share other fun brands, or message me and ask me anything, please do! 


My small (for now) list of newly discovered sustainable brands:


For fun and bold lovers:


For a practical romantic:


For prints and cool cuts:


For straightforward design and give back:



For the knot lover:


For the “let’s go on a bike ride through the french country” lover:


For the colorful and playful:


For the classic and stylish:


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