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A love letter to 2020

Like all things, you have come to an end. Things didn’t go as planned and life has felt at times impossible, but after all I must say, thank you. 

Thank you 2020 for showing us that we are resilient and under pressure will show that we can take on difficulties and survive. 
Thank you for bringing us together and making us show our best colors, uniting us as a big community and pulling for one another. 
Thank you for making us focus on the things that truly matter, on society's fabric, injustices and how powerful in making change we can be. 

“You were the worst” is putting it lightly. You took so much and gave nothing back, but for all that you took we created, and were more resourceful than ever. We felt stronger in our weakness, and opened our eyes to so much that otherwise we would have not seen if we had not been immersed in desperation and obligated to have time. 

There is a happiness in seeing you go, but it's a managed happiness. 2021 may not be you, but unfortunately it will have to deal with the leftovers. However we will continue our resilience, our endurance. We will continue to care about others, to focus on what really matters, to learn about what we don’t know, and to practice solidarity and understanding. 

The work ahead is hard, but we have planted the seeds for true change. It feels like our eyes have been opened for good, and it feels like we are ready to do the work. But the truth of the matter is it's on us, we can either ignore it all and move on and forget all the lessons we have learned, or we can actually live differently, make the necessary changes and stick to trying to be better humans and all that comes with that. 

On a personal note: I want to thank you all for supporting Salomé and for being a part of this growing community. I can honestly say hearing from you, and having you appreciating what Salomé is and stands for felt like a big gift and it kept me going. Thank you so much for that and cheers to brighter, sunnier days. 

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